NumberEight partners with Otonal to deliver contextual intelligence to audio apps in Japan

NORFOLK, UK /ACCESSWIRE/March 28, 2022/ NumberEight’s contextual intelligence platform will enable Otonal’s audio publishers to deliver the right ads to the right audience at the right time.

number eight has signed an exclusive agreement with Japanese digital audio advertising company, Otonal Inc. Otonal will begin sales of NumberEight’s platform in the Japanese market in the coming months, allowing audio application publishers to analyze the context users in real time and maximize the value of their inventory.

To date, the advertising industry has targeted users based on their interests and the content they consume. Targeting based on real-time behaviors and environmental context was difficult because the required technological infrastructure was not yet in place. Additionally, rapidly changing privacy regulations have increased user awareness and changed their privacy expectations, highlighting the need for privacy-aware, ID-free targeting solutions.

NumberEight’s intelligence platform solves both of these problems, using artificial intelligence to analyze mobile sensors and detect users’ mobex (mobile context). Since all data calculations are performed locally on the device, data leakage is minimized, no credentials are required, and user privacy is protected.

How it works?

NumberEight transforms mobile sensor data to predict over 200 live contexts and 70 ID-free behavioral audiences. All calculations take place on the device, for a privacy-by-design solution.
In addition to enhancing targeting capabilities, NumberEight’s platform also allows publishers to analyze audience behavior for various user events within the app, such as “podcast played” or “song skipped”. This gives publishers new ways to increase retention, user engagement, and in-app purchase conversions.

NumberEight CEO Abhishek Sen said, “When content is delivered based on the listener’s current context, its effectiveness is maximized. Audio, as we all know, is a unique format where content is consumed throughout the day, across different devices, in the background and foreground. This gives audio publishers the ability to continually surprise and delight listeners with contextual experiences – whether that’s through ads, playlist recommendations, or optimizing the user interface to the current needs of consumers. users.

Advertisers have always dreamed of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Dream no more.

By number eightit’s strategic alliance with Otonal, Japanese audio publishers will be able to maximize the value of their advertising inventory through instant targeting opportunities based on unbiased behavioral data. This will allow audio advertisers to reach relevant audiences in the moments that matter most, without any reliance on personal information or identifiers, for the first time. »

Japan is a key market for NumberEight, especially due to the high percentage of iOS users at 66%. This means the market is feeling the business impact of Apple’s iOS 14.5 release and ATT privacy framework last year more intensely than others. Additionally, Japan has a strong technology and mobile base, making it a priority for NumberEight.

Otonal CEO Taisuke Yagi said, “Through NumberEight’s service, user information can be analyzed in real time, so that they receive relevant advertisements while protecting their privacy.”

Audio content, unlike video and web content, does not require users to look at the screen while consuming it. This means users are often doing other things while listening to the ad. NumberEight capitalizes on this synchronicity by enabling audio advertisers to deliver ads relevant to users’ live activities, leading to superior mobile experiences.

By using NumberEight’s technology, users and advertisers can have a better experience, as it allows them to deliver ads that resonate more with consumers. Audio ads are effective in increasing brand awareness and as such, NumberEight can be used to further improve listening situations and targeting specific users.

Taisuke added, “I believe this strategic alliance with NumberEight is a giant step for the development of the audio advertising market in Japan. This movement aligns with Otonal mission to research new audio advertising technology solutions, to help develop the audio advertising market and maximize profits for its customers. »

NumberEight solves mobile addressability at scale by bringing untapped first-party data to life. The company enables app developers, advertising partners and advertisers to explore the power of mobex (mobile context) to connect with their users in ways that are relevant, impactful and, above all, private. They do this using our best-in-class mobile AI software that predicts a user’s live context (e.g. running, commuting) from sensors in the device, then neatly groups them into behavioral audiences without IDs (e.g., joggers, frequent shoppers). All computation happens on the device, producing a privacy-by-design solution that bolsters regulatory immunity.

Otonal Inc is a digital audio advertising agency, specializing in the delivery of creative and data-driven advertisements. She has executed over 500 audio ad plans and supported over 100 clients in ad delivery and execution.

Otonal is a one stop shop for audio marketing strategy execution. From using data for their audio ad planning to hiring narrators/voice actors for their creative, ad delivery, reporting, audio content creation, they fully support their clients.

Apart from deploying audio advertising technology, they support audio apps and radio stations in digitizing content. They are also developing new forms of audio media and audio advertising.

Otonal, as a media and marketing company specializing in digital audio advertisements and audio content, is on a mission to expand the audio advertising market in Japan through the development and delivery of audio-based solutions. .

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