Online games of skill pave the way for a skilled future

By Ketan Godkhindi

Over the past few decades, online games of skill have come a long way. Driven by smartphone penetration, India’s huge youthful population, growing internet penetration and affordability of smartphones, the industry has witnessed phenomenal growth. By 2024, India’s gaming industry is expected to be valued at nearly $4 billion.

Another factor contributing to its rapid growth is that during the pandemic, it has been seen as a means of stress relief, entertainment, and a platform through which like-minded people can socialize.

Seeing its popularity growing among the masses, the Indian gaming industry is harnessing the latest technology, software, better connectivity, gadgets, etc., to make it even more widespread. For example, vernacular content and localized game interfaces make online games popular even in tier two and tier three cities across the country. As game companies continue to mature, the need for skilled people in the industry will also increase. It is safe to say that the industry, which spans across mobile, PC, online and gaming categories, will give rise to multiple opportunities for a lucrative job market.

Those wishing to enter this booming industry have many promising opportunities as studios are actively recruiting talent with the relevant skills as well as a passion for gaming.

From a professional point of view, online games of skill can be divided into two broad divisions; one being game developers, which includes the companies that make the games. Having a solid education can increase your chances of getting job opportunities. Game designer, game developer, game tester, animator, visual artist, sound engineer are some of the many career options that can be pursued after completing the required degree.

On the other side, we have the players, who are responsible for taking the games and drawing entertainment through interaction, participation, and viewership through streaming. Still in its infancy in India, streaming is a form of online video broadcasting on specialized platforms where you play games and entertain your viewers. Streaming has become a full-time job for many people who earn a comfortable six-figure monthly income simply by entertaining their viewers on a regular basis. You can build your audience with your acting style or your witty humor. Brands sponsor these streamers to advertise and endorse their products on their stream, making it a lucrative career option. One of the main reasons why there has been an increase in the number of streamers in the country’s viewership is that more people are learning more; whether through interesting formats, live streaming of players, influencers or the rise of platforms offering various online games.

With the Indian gaming ecosystem evolving at a rapid pace, this lucrative industry is set to reach new heights in the future. Realizing its potential, the Indian government recently announced its decision to form a new task force known as the “AVGC”. This new working group was set up to meet the global demand for animation, visual effects, games and the comics industry. It is therefore important for people from various educational and professional backgrounds to identify and seize the opportunities that are emerging in the Indian gaming sector.

The author is Chief Strategy Officer, Witzeal Technologies

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