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Did you know that the final price you pay for subscriptions to apps like Netflix, Spotify, Audible and others is partly influenced by the commission that platform owners (Google for the case of the Play Store and Apple for the case of App Store) take on app developers?

For a long time this was set at 30%, but due to a public outcry in the industry, platform owners were forced to cut their prices by as much as 15% while others were quite generous to reduce up to 10%. .

Google is one of those owners who announced a generous cut, halving their commission from app developers listed on their Play Store. The rulebook was reduced by 30% in the first year of subscription and thereafter it is reduced to 15%, but it is no more.

For the first year, all subscriptions will be charged 15%, from January 2022. Further exceptions have been granted to developers under the Play Media Experience program, the reduction of which will be up to 10%.


What is the Play Media Experience program?

It is a program that aims to encourage audio, video and book developers to grow by creating cross-platform experiences in the Android ecosystem.

The likes of Netflix, Spotify, Audible, PocketCasts, among others, fall into this category due to the nature of their services or the content they offer.

What does this mean for the end user?

This is not guaranteed but these savings could be passed on to them and their subscription prices could drop. With 2022 fast approaching, we can only wait for him to say so.

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