Pokemon Fan Plays Poke Mart Theme At His Covenience Store To Boost Work Ethic

The Pokemon the series is popular with gamers for many reasons; for example, it offers a wide selection of catchy music tracks. With each new generation of Pokemon games comes a new group of songs that players can listen to as they catch, train, and battle Pokemon. These iconic themes have stuck with many avid gamers over the years. One of those classic songs is the Poke Mart theme.

The Poke Mart is a shop present in many games of the Pokemon franchise. In addition to selling a number of items to trainers, a catchy tune plays while shopping in the store. Although there are various arrangements of the theme played in different episodes of the series, they each feature the same recognizable melody that nostalgic fans have come to love. A Pokemon fan recently decided to perform this song in an unusual location.


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Taking to Reddit, a user known as Kairu-Hikarite shared a video from his time at work. However, it was no ordinary clip, as the Reddit user revealed that he had discovered a clever way to make working at the store more enjoyable. The video started with Kairu-Hikarite showing off a 3DS displaying a Poke Mart. However, when the camera was removed, they revealed that they had plugged an audio jack into the handheld console. Suddenly, the pleasant melody of the Poke Mart theme, presumably the arrangement of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, could be heard playing throughout the store as the Pokemon fan panned the camera around their workspace.

Unsurprisingly, this unique solution to boost work ethic has received the approval of many members of the Pokemon community on Reddit. The clip garnered over 9,600 upvotes in just a few hours. Among the comments, many said they would like to go to a convenience store that carries this type of Pokemon music. Interestingly, Kairu-Hikarite wasn’t the only person who played game music at work. Also, another user noted that they did a similar thing where they work, except with The Legend of Zelda Potion Shop theme instead.

While classic tunes, such as this Poke Mart theme, are undoubtedly exciting for many fans to hear, it will be interesting to see what new songs come next. Pokemon scarlet and violet have to offer. While the games don’t release until November 18, gamers have already learned that Toby Fox, famous for his work on Subtitle, is composing tracks for upcoming games. It will be interesting to see if Kairu-Hikarite decides to play music from these games in the convenience store where they work when the titles release later this year.

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