Razer Synapse THX spatial audio not working, sound delay and echo

Razer is one of the best-known names in the gaming segment. The company offers a large catalog of laptops, desktops, peripherals and accessories for gamers.

The company offers gaming headsets that seek to achieve the most immersive experience possible. These types of headphones usually offer multi-channel sound to be aware of everything that is happening during games.

Razer earphone users can log in, make changes, and update them through the Synapse tool. However, it seems that for some time now many Razer headphones users have been facing multiple audio issues related to Synapse.

Razer Headsets and Sound Cards Experiencing Synapse Related Issues

Razer Synapse THX spatial audio effects not working

According to reports, Razer audio products have been facing multiple issues for several weeks (if not months).

For example, the most recurring issue is related to the Razer THX Spatial Audio system which is not working properly for many.

In some cases, THX spatial audio effects simply become unavailable to Razer headset users.


In other cases, Synapse stops detecting the THX Spatial audio license purchased by the user.

THX SPATIAL AUDIO not working, unable to connect

Hi! I’ve had my Kraken Tournament edition helmet for almost two years. Recently my PC had been redone so I had to redownload Synapse and THX Spatial. I had already activated my code and it was working fine…

…but now I can’t use the space THX and he wants me to buy it back. I can connect to Synapse but surround sound is not working which is less than ideal in fps shooters.

Razer audio products causing sound delay

In addition to headphones, Razer also offers sound cards among its audio products. These aim to provide an enhanced surround sound audio experience regardless of the type of headphones you use.

That said, reports indicate that Razer headphones and sound cards cause audio lag in certain usage scenarios (such as when using Discord).

Blackshark v2 (or USB sound card) causes audio delays when using Discord

Hello, I have this strange problem with my Razer Blackshark V2 headsets or with the Razer USB sound card. Whenever I use Discord, the voice chat sound is delayed, muted, or sped up. It’s hard to describe, but I see my friend’s icon light up when he says something, but one of the following happens:

– its audio is delayed by a few seconds, in some cases it is 2 or 3 seconds in other cases it is 20 seconds,
– delayed voice audio is then delivered with x2 or x3 speed
– delayed voice audio is simply lost

Echo through Razer headset microphone

Additionally, the Razer Synapse does not properly recognize settings made by gamers, causing issues such as noticeable microphone echo during games.


Unbalanced or inconsistent volume after a Razer Synapse update

There are reports of unbalanced or uneven volume between the two sides of the Razer headset after a Synapse update.

Razer USB sound card firmware issue

I have Razer blackshark v2. I use it with a sound card. There was an issue that caused the sound from the left earbud to be lower than the sound from the right earbud. But it was fixed after firmware update. But now after every synapse update its firmware update is lost. And again I have to install the firmware update. Does anyone else face this problem?

Razer Synapse audio issues reportedly present for months

Some suggest reports that the audio issues have been around for months and may have started since the Razer Synapse v3.6.0415.040812 update.


But, some newer reports indicate that the audio issues are still present even though a newer Razer Synapse update (v3.7.731.72516) is available.


There is no official acknowledgment of the audio issue from the Razer team yet. However, there is a workaround for users facing the unbalanced or irregular volume bug:

I don’t really know of a firmware issue, but on my v2 I have to make sure not to turn the volume knob all the way up to 100 as that introduces uneven sound. Leaving the knob at around 99% balances the audio feedback.

We will update this story as new developments emerge.

The featured image: Razer on Twitter

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