Reddit is rolling out a web version of Reddit Talk, its live audio product – TechCrunch

After unveiling its Clubhouse clone last April, Reddit is to add new Reddit Talk features meant to boost engagement. Among those additions are web compatibility, recordings of past sessions, live comments during chats, and a live bar at the top of the home feed (similar to Twitter’s) that shows live chats taking place.

“Over the past three months, we have seen over 250% growth in the number of daily active listeners to Reddit Talk,” the company wrote on its Blog. Reddit added that live audio chats took place in over 1,000 subreddits (or communities), including an r/cryptocurrency conversation with investor Kevin O’Leary, and a session in r/ films with stuntmen from the “Jackass” franchise.

Picture credits: Reddit

The idea of ​​live audio rooms on Reddit might seem a bit counterintuitive at first, as many Redditors flock to the platform for anonymity. But the ability to comment and send emoticons during live chat rooms will make it easier for shy (or secretive) users to chime in – previously, listeners could only speak by raising their (digital) hand. Additionally, discovery features such as web compatibility, live bar, and asynchronous listening will make it easier for users to engage with this new area of ​​Reddit content.

Discussions can still only be created on Reddit’s iOS and Android apps, but the ability to start a discussion on desktop is coming later this month, Reddit wrote.

Currently, only Reddit moderators (volunteers who do their best to keep things civil and orderly in the subreddits) can start live chats. They can ask to organize a conference via a Google form. Given the challenges of moderating content that platforms love Twitter spaces and clubhouse faced, this might be a good way for Reddit to keep things under control for the time being.

“There are no plans to extend live audio functionality to Reddit users outside of moderators,” a Reddit spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Updated, 02/09/22, 3:10 PM ET with comment from Reddit.

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