Redefining the speaker tracking audio and video experience

As hybrid workforces and remote learning environments continue to evolve, more and more AV companies are teaming up to deliver robust end-to-end solutions.

Yamaha Unified Communications announced the ADECIA ceiling solution, designed with Yamaha’s quality audio technology and expertise, seamlessly integrates with 1 BeyondThe Automate VX voice-activated camera switching solution to provide a highly accurate speaker tracking experience. The integration uses web-based room design software, which requires no programming and is now available for corporate, university and government meeting spaces.

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“1 Beyond is a leader in the world of smart cameras and automated camera switching,” said Phil Marechal, vice president of business development and product management at Yamaha Unified Communications. “Similarly, Yamaha’s ADECIA leverages our dynamic beam tracking technology to pick up and deliver conversations clearly on the other end. This combination of voice tracking and best-in-class audio processing ensures attendees to the conference the clearest possible communication for a complete productive environment. Meeting.”

The hybrid meeting experience

The hybrid meeting experience is best when participants in the room are clearly seen and heard. 1 Beyond’s Automate VX multi-camera solution creates that optimal hybrid experience by showing the active speaker every time they speak. As different participants speak, the system switches cleanly from camera to camera, with no observable camera movement or switching. It also has an optional talk mode that displays the two newest speakers side-by-side. The Automate VX solution supports up to 12 cameras strategically placed around the room and multiple ADECIA ceiling units, enabling automatic camera switching in a wide variety of room types, including large and complex spaces.

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“The 1 Beyond Automate VX solution can leverage unique features of the ADECIA microphone to improve camera tracking, such as its Human Voice Activity Detection technology that differentiates voice from noise,” said Rony Sebok, CTO of 1 Beyond. “This, together with reliable information about the audio position of the microphone, allows the Automate VX solution to accurately aim the cameras for speakers in the room, whether seated or standing, and ignore extraneous noise. “

ADECIA uses four beams to automatically track voices in the room simultaneously, enabling not only uncompromising communication without dead spots, but also endless table arrangements in versatile spaces. In addition to ADECIA’s dynamic multi-beam tracking technology, the microphone innovation is designed to overcome common challenges faced by integrators in room layout, setup and acoustics by providing all the components needed for successful installation and automated technologies that reduce installation time, costs, and complexities. It automatically detects components, configures devices, and optimizes audio performance for the room environment by adjusting reverb characteristics, echo behavior, speaker/mic position, and more.

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