Rogue Amoeba Removes Editor Fission From Mac App Store Due To Apple’s Lack Of Improvements



The folks at Rogue Amoeba today announced a new version of their popular Fission audio editor, and with this update they are also removing the app from the Mac App Store. In a blog post, Rogue Amoeba’s Paul Kafasis explained that the move comes as the Mac App Store has seen “few changes” and “still face issues.”

Today’s Fission update brings the app to version 2.7.1 and includes “a handful of small improvements,” as well as initial support for macOS Monterey. Again, the big news, however, is that Fission is leaving the Mac App Store.

Kafasis explains that Rogue Amoeba has long focused on selling software directly to customers, but also tried the Mac App Store. Over the past decade, however, Kafasis writes that Apple hasn’t made any noticeable improvements to the Mac App Store while continuing to enforce its “restrictive policies.”

Fission was the only Rogue Amoeba app available in the Mac App Store, so with its removal the company is now completely out of the store.

Since the opening of the Mac App Store in 2011, we have also experimented there. However, despite a decade of feedback from countless developers and users, Apple has made few changes and the store still faces problems. When you combine the many shortcomings and issues with Apple’s restrictive policies that keep most of our software from showing up, the Mac App Store is clearly a good fit for us. With the removal of Fission, we no longer have any products in the Mac App Store.

Looking to the future, Rogue Amoeba says he will “continue to evaluate” the Mac App Store, but for now, “it’s just not a viable distribution channel for us.”

If you had previously purchased Fission through the Mac App Store, Rogue Amoeba details the process of converting to the direct version on their website. You can check out the Rogue Amoeba dedicated store for all of the company’s wonderful Mac apps.

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