Roku OS 11 adds new audio options, photo screensavers and more

Roku has just detailed its first major platform update since it was released late last year, and it’s a big update. For starters, Roku OS 11 adds an automatic speech clarity setting that Roku says will make dialogue easier to understand. At the same time, the update introduces new sound modes – called “Standard”, “Dialogue”, “Movie”, “Music” and “Night” – which you can access by pressing the Star button present on the remote controls. Roku and society. mobile app. As you might have guessed by now, these modes allow you to adjust the sound profile of Roku-branded soundbars and speakers to best suit a specific situation.


And speaking of the Roku app, you’ll also find a new calibration tool in the settings menu to help you troubleshoot audio sync issues that can occur with a Streambar device. Roku has also changed the app to make it more visual. For example, you will find new interface elements that will provide you with more information on where you can stream movies and TV shows. The idea here is to help you get the most out of all the channels you can pay for.

Apart from audio improvements, OS 11 introduces a feature called Roku Photo Streams. If you want, you can now use your Roku device to turn your TV into a digital photo frame by using the feature to upload your favorite photos and turn them into a screen saver. You can share photo streams with friends and family members. And in turn, they can add their own photos, creating a shared album.

Roku 11 operating system


With OS 11, Roku also hopes to make it easier for you to find new content to watch. On the home screen menu, you’ll find a new “What to Watch” section that directs you to movies and TV shows from a variety of sources, including the company’s advertisements, with personalization based on your viewing history and what is popular among other users. Additionally, the update changes newly introduced content to show content you’ve watched in the past and make it easier to discover. Finally, you’ll find new voice-activated keypads to help you set up the device and connect to channels. With OS 11, these will be available in Spanish, German, and Portuguese in the US and other supported countries.

Roku will begin rolling out OS 11 in the coming weeks.

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