SNA Displays Helps Launch Experiential Retail Store in Ohio


Tenfold, a design firm that builds brands through culture, has launched an 1,800-square-foot experiential retail store called Tenspace in Columbus, Ohio’s Short North Arts District, according to a press release from the company.

Described as “a little art, a little media and a little retail,” by founder and CEO Rachel Friedman-Webb, the store has two indoor video screens from SNA Displays.

The core concept is a flexible storefront infrastructure that gives online retail brands a two-month physical presence to tell their brand’s story through art / media shows, special events and content. social on video screens.

“We create immersive, real-life experiences for brands online,” Friedman-Webb said in the release.

LED screens, located near store windows to attract foot traffic, are an important part of the infrastructure, providing a creative canvas for tenants to showcase the brand’s identity. Tenfold manages all creative content for its client brands, including the creation of digital content.

“SNA Displays had a great product with a very flexible interface,” Friedman-Webb said. “With tight deadlines and supply chain issues felt around the world, SNA was confident it could deliver, and it did. LED screens allow us to keep content up to date and enhance Tenspace’s capabilities as a multimedia channel. They are an integral part of the experience at Tenspace, and we couldn’t have launched without them. “

In a recessed section of the north wall of the store is a 2.5mm video wall from SNA Displays’ BOLD Interior line of LED display products. It is 8 feet 10 “tall by 8’6” wide and delivers over 1.1 million pixels of experiential content.

The second direct-view LED display, from SNA Displays’ Brilliant Interior product line, is ceiling mounted on a pivoting pole in the middle of the store. This “swivel wall” has a pixel pitch of 1.9mm and can be rotated 90 degrees in either direction. Together, the screens have just over 2 million pixels.

Through Crestron’s personalized onboarding experience, video displays can be controlled remotely via iPad and are also synchronized with audio in space.

The two LED screens were installed by audio-video integrator Digital Dreams.

“The space is fully integrated from an audiovisual standpoint,” said Mikell Senger, project manager for SNA Displays, in the statement. “We had to coordinate closely to install the two screens tightly in a space with work in progress from other trades, but Tenfold had a special vision and SNA Displays helped make it a reality.”

Founded in 2014, Tenfold is a design company that helps brands align their physical and virtual environments with their business strategy, connecting people to where they are.

SNA Displays employs a team of SNAPros; engineers, qualified project managers, systems experts, installation managers and support staff, whose mission is total project satisfaction. SNA Displays is headquartered in New York.

Digital Dreams is an audio-video integrator specializing in the installation of direct-view LEDs, data cables, thermal sensing, videoconferencing rooms, security systems and other technological systems.

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