Spotify wins audiobooks, now has “all the audio you love” in one place

Spotify today announced that subscribers in the US can now listen to audiobooks – over 300,000 of them, to be precise.

Spotify did the announcement via a press release, adding that the move makes it “a true all-in-one destination for everyone’s listening needs.”


Spotify says this is “just the start of Spotify’s audiobook journey”, with audiobooks appearing “alongside music and podcasts as a section in [people’s] library.”

But there is a catch. None of these books are included in the Spotify subscription and people who subscribe won’t even get a discount on the books they pay for. They also won’t be able to purchase their audiobooks through the Spotify app. “Users who discover audiobooks in the Spotify app will be able to purchase them on a webpage,” the streamer explains, adding that “upon returning to Spotify, the book will automatically be saved to their library and available to listen to.”

Spotify is of course far from being the first to offer audiobooks. Audible, owned by Amazon, lets people buy audiobooks, for example.

Spotify also doesn’t say when newbies can expect the audiobook feature to roll out internationally. We know those in the US can expect features like offline listening and the ability to control playback speed, at least. There is a special rating function so that listeners can also “share their opinion after listening to a book”.

Spotify’s claims to be the only place people have to go to listen to content might have some merit, though. With music, podcasts, and audiobooks now available in one place, it’s hard to know why subscribers would go anywhere else.

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