Syrinscape changes the way you’ll hear TTRPGs online

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, August 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The new Syrinscape Web Player makes it easier than ever to add immersive sound and music to online tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs).

Syrinscape Pty Ltd, creators of the groundbreaking application that adds immersive sound and original music to your tabletop role-playing games, announces the release of the new Syrinscape Web Player. This amazing new technology promises to change the way people play TTRPGs online.

As more gamers bring their RPGs online, Syrinscape offers Game Masters (GMs) a way to add custom sound, helping to set the scene, mood, and atmosphere of their games. The process is simple: the GM goes to, copies the link that Syrinscape generates for him and sends it to his players. Players simply open the link in any browser, click to activate, and the immersive experience begins. They won’t even need to create an account to access the sounds. The GM simply runs the game and uses the web player to control and deliver audio immersion for the whole party.

Syrinscape’s battle ambiences and sounds go a long way in helping players feel more immersed in the story being told by their GM. But it does not stop there. Syrinscape also creates original music which also adds a movie-like soundtrack to the games. This combination of sound and music in TTRPGs delivers an experience that is unique, intense, visceral and like no other.

If streamers or podcasters want to use Syrinscape’s amazing sound and music in their content, no worries, they just need to credit Syrinscape in the show notes or video comments and they’re good to go. For more details, streamers should contact the Syrinscape team.

With the Syrinscape web player:

  • Audio plays directly in the browser without users needing to download or install anything
  • Players join a game with no account or payment needed
  • Each player controls their personal volume, balancing the level of sounds and music with the chat
  • Each sample is enhanced with dynamic panning, spatialization and reverb – no lie, it sounds great!
  • Sound is remotely controllable by Virtual Tabletops (VTT) or anything else that can trigger web links (eg Stream Deck)

Syrinscape CEO Benjamin Loomes says, “I want more people to play the social games that I enjoy. I want people to enjoy these games more, to be more immersed, more moved, more thrilled. I want to make Social Gaming a better experience for anyone brave enough to play. That’s why I created Syrinscape. And now that more and more TTRPGs are moving online with ATVs and streaming is becoming very popular, Syrinscape has worked hard to meet the needs of people who want to make their online games more entertaining, immersive, surprising and fun. Do you need an easier way to connect your player to Syrinscape sound? I’m so excited to say we DID it!”

To try out the shiny new Syrinscape web player, just go to You don’t even need an account to start the music and sound effects. It’s easy!

About Syrinscape
Syrinscape is the award-winning sound design app that brings immersive background audio and a movie-like soundtrack to your tabletop gaming experience. More than just a sound loop or a music playlist, Syrinscape puts a whole library at your fingertips. With just the click of a button, you’ll conjure up every soundscape imaginable! From ethereal forests and stony shores and dank, vermin-filled dungeons, to mysterious expanses of space and depths of Elder God-induced madness, Syrinscape is the go-to tool for an RPG experience like no other.


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  • Syrinscape changes the way you’ll hear TTRPGs online

  • Syrinscape changes the way you’ll hear TTRPGs online


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