The August 11 Epic Games Store free game is a unique genre mash-up

Until August 11, Epic Games Store will give Not mocked!, a co-op railroad building game with wacky twists. Fans should have some fun and wild times with this game, but perhaps even its goofiest moments don’t compare to the overall concept of the upcoming Epic Games Store title.

On August 11, Epic Games Store users will be able to claim Cook, serve, delicious! 3? !, which is a pretty funny title. It may lead fans to think it’s just a cooking simulator, but it’s a bit more than that. Genre-mixing games are often popular, but there are some things that go better together than others. Cook, serve, delicious! 3? ! isn’t necessarily a post-apocalyptic game, but it’s set in a war-torn America where players take control of a food truck after their restaurant explodes. Warfare is a common element explored in video games, as is cooking, but combining the two is something few games have done. And Cook, serve, delicious! 3? ! also stands out by combining them with solid gaming features.


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Epic Games Store Free Game for August 11 Explained

Battlefield 2042 postulates an American disaster that year, as does Cook, serve, delicious! 3?!. Because of this and the destruction of the restaurant, the player decides it’s best to keep moving and operates a food truck in the war-torn country. This translates into the speed of the game, which is designed to focus on fast-paced cooking action where players must cook hundreds of foods in an all-new story-driven campaign. It can, however, be reduced thanks to the game’s chill mode and a host of accessibility options, including motion, strobe, audio, and colorblind features, and more.

Cook, serve, delicious! 3? ! is also another free co-op game on the Epic Games Store, which means fans who love local co-op also get a fun treat. This is all the more true as the game does not skimp on the meat; that is, there are 380 levels, made up of hundreds of hours of gameplay. And while America is torn apart by war, the food truck is upgraded to reflect that, with mods that impact gameplay, a food catalog with hundreds of foods unique to the franchise, and a customizable food truck. Players can customize it based on the destruction in America, and other food trucks are following suit (and can even shoot the player).

It’s a unique genre mix of war and food, and for Epic Games Store users, it’s one that should be hard to pass up.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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