The brokerages have given GN Store Nord A/S (OTCMKTS: GNNDY) a consensus recommendation of “Hold”.

According to Bloomberg, the eight research companies that track GN Store Nord A/S have collectively assigned the stock a rating of “Hold” as an average recommendation (OTCMKTS: GNNDY). One of the research analysts suggested the company be sold, three others suggested the status quo be maintained, and four others suggested the company be bought. Analysts have weighed in on the stock over the past year and their average price target for the year ahead is $303.00.

Recent studies on the company’s shares have been written by several equity research specialists, who have published their findings. The most recent events are at the center of these reports. Credit Suisse Group announced, in a report made public on Tuesday, October 18, that it had raised its rating on GN Store Nord A/S from “neutral” to “outperforming”. In a research note published on July 27, Oddo Bhf upgraded GN Store Nord A/S from “neutral” to “outperforming”, indicating that the company believes the business will perform better in the future. The release of a research report on GN Store Nord A/S by Morgan Stanley on October 18 marked the start of investment banking coverage of the above company. After completing their analysis, analysts determined that the stock should be given an “equal weight” rating. Barclays published their research report on GN Store Nord A/S on September 13, the day they started covering the business. They classified the company as having “equal weight”, according to their system. On Thursday, October 6, Jefferies Financial Group announced the launch of its GN Store Nord A/S coverage by releasing a research note. The plan was complete, and that was the final and most important piece. They gave the company an “underperforming” rating for its prospects.
On Friday, GNNDY stock price opened at $63.71, which remained throughout the trading day. In the history of GN Store Nord A/52 Weeks S, the price has never been lower than $46.88, while it has never been higher than $196.25. The debt ratio is 1.61, the quick ratio is 0.56 and the current ratio is 0.87. A price/earnings ratio of 19.36 has been assigned to the company’s shares, and its beta value is 1.03. The total value of the company’s shares on the market is equivalent to $2.91 billion. The company’s simple moving average over the past 50 days currently sits at $67.79, and its simple moving average over the past 200 days currently sits at $91.95.
GN Store Nord A/S is a Danish company that designs, manufactures and sells audio and video communication products for the medical, professional and consumer technology industries in Denmark, the rest of Europe, North America and in other countries of the world. GN Store Nord A/S is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Two subcategories are called “GN Hearing” and “GN Audio” within this main category. In addition to other products available in this market, GN Hearing Company’s main line of business is the production and distribution of hearing aids.

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