Tom Cruise’s COVID Audio File Leaked Online; Actor Heard Abuse Of MI7 Crew Members


An audio file, in which Mission: Impossible 7 Actor Tom Cruise could be heard screaming after the crew for his upcoming film surfaced online. The audio file which contains Tom Cruise’s COVID rant was released by a publishing house known as The big mirror via their Twitter account. Tom Cruise’s leaked audio file caused him to use profanity words and give his crew members a full dress-up in colorful language.

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Tom Cruise content leaked audio:

In addition to Tom Cruise yelling at the crew members, the actor can be heard saying that if he sees the incident repeat itself, they will be gone. The recording in question also had Tom Cruise explaining how the resumption of the filming process from Mission: Impossible 7 was basically helping support many families and getting food on their tables during the coronavirus crisis. Tom Cruise’s COVID rant audio also got him talking about the hard work he did to put the film together. According to the leaked audio file of Tom Cruise’s rant, the actor would have been on the phone daily and night with crew members, insurance companies and producers so that the film could be made. Cruise has even hinted at how actors like him are used to create movies and are responsible for events on film sets, which means a considerable amount of responsibility falls on the shoulders of actors like Cruise. Cruise, at one point, also allegedly hinted that the crew members are enjoying the safe environment that the cast and other crew members have created for everyone on set.

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Here are some reactions from Twitterati to the Tom Cruise audio leak:

Tom Cruise’s COVID audio file, moreover, makes him talk about the effort the 58-year-old actor has put into just so the team can continue production. The very first case of Tom Cruise yelling at the crew was an episode in which he saw two crew members standing within a foot of each other as they stared at a computer screen.

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The stoppage of filming in October:

It is a known fact that Cruise has been particularly vigilant in complying with COVID-19 guidelines. In October, the film crew had to discontinue the film’s main photography after twelve people tested positive for the coronavirus at the time. It is said that when a coronavirus test came back positive, the whole team was asked to stay behind and not come on set in order to shoot the scenes that were scheduled for that day.

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