Trump returns to social media with a new app in the Apple Store

(Front Axis) – Former President Donald Trump’s social media sham, Truth Social, available for download from the Apple App Store, launched on President’s Day. This platform is similar to Twitter in design, which is an obvious swipe at the popular microblogging site to permanently suspend Trump’s account.

Trump mentioned plans to start a social media network called Truth Social in October 2021 after Twitter, YouTube and Facebook banned it over fears it would incite more violence. after its murderous insurrection of January 6. Truth Social is owned by Trump Media and Technology Group.

The waiting list for Truth Social seems to be growing, but some users are reporting numerous site errors and registration delays.

“Truth Social expects to be ‘fully operational’ by the end of March, when ‘anyone can access the platform in the United States at any time,’ said Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump Media. and Tech Group.

The app misleads users with a message to “follow the truth” and claims to be the US “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages honest conversation without discrimination. Similar to tweets, posts on Truth Social are called “truths,” and the Twitter sharing option we call retweets, they call “truths.”

But the Trump team didn’t stop at hijacking Jack’s ideas, they also risk being sued over the Truth Social logo, which looks a lot like that of a British company named TRAILAR. In a statement to The IndependentTRAILAR said they were “seeking legal advice to understand the next steps and options available to protect their brand.”

Truth Social has nothing to do with truth, and everything to do with Trump’s ego. It was not created to further the evolution of social media, it was created to continue its chaos and rally the rioters. The truth is, The fact checker counted 30,573 false or misleading claims made by the 45th president during his tenure in the White House ─ so it’s safe to say that Trump’s Truth app is just another “big lie.”

There is a sound of Trump trying to bully officials into stealing an election. There is a video of Trump staging a rally to incite a violent insurrection. There is evidence that Trump stole boxes of classified national security information. Donald Trump shouldn’t be on social media, he should be in jail.

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