Utah Royals FC Show (39): The long lost audio file of Abby Smith interview



This is the long lost file …

You see what happened is that I interviewed Abby Smith in June, but then my dog ​​ate the audio file. Fortunately, it has been found and fixed, and so we can now move forward to publish it on the last Utah Royals Spectacle.

What if you didn’t believe this story? Accessories for you not to fall into my ridiculous excuse. The truth is … my schedule was busier than I expected this summer, and I just never got a chance to write the article I wanted, which would have then led to the publication of the interview via the Royals FC Show. This is perhaps the biggest failure of my career as a football writer.

But, I believe, it’s time to get the audio out, even though I didn’t have time to write the article I wanted.

In it, we discuss how Smith started playing football, becoming a goalie, coming to the NWSL, traveling to Boston, overcoming a knee injury (ruptured patellar tendon), the Boston Breaker folding, drafted by Utah in the Dispersal Draft, and playing with Nicole Barnhart and a solid defense. We also go over questions from fans, including how important celebrating with fans and meeting them is to her.

Smith was super nice and courteous, and I appreciated his time. Hope you enjoy listening to the interview.

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