Voicemail or audio file? It’s now easier to tell them apart in WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp lets you send voice notes and audio files. The first you record them with the WhatsApp microphone tool, while the second can be any audio file you have on your mobile (including voice notes recorded with other apps or other people) . The latest beta version of WhatsApp allows them to be distinguished better, especially when transmitted.

The latest WhatsApp beta tells us that voice notes and audio files are going to be more differentiated from each other, with a new icon that will clearly show you what is what, even when transmitting. Until now, all transferred voice memos were displayed with the same icon as audio files.

The who’s who of WhatsApp audios

When they send you a voice note in a WhatsApp chat, it is very clear that it has been recorded at the moment and it is not pre-recorded, because it is displayed automatically. totally different from audio files: Your profile picture appears in the player, with a microphone icon overlaid. Audio files, on the other hand, are displayed with a player that includes the name of the audio file and an orange headphones icon.

This difference disappears if the message is forwarded. In such a case, it is displayed in the same way as an audio file, which can lead to some confusion because the context is lost. This changes from version beta of WhatsApp for Android, and is expected to come to everyone later.

Voice notes and audio files in WhatsApp Beta (left) and the stable version (right)

Taking advantage of the redesign of several of the icons with a different orange hue, WhatsApp engineers have put some order in this little mess, clearly distinguishing whether it is a voice memo or an audio filealso when transferring messages.

Voice memos are displayed with the audio waveform preview and an orange microphone icon, while audio files have no waveforms and a headphone icon. Another difference between them is what happens to the icon when you play them: for audio notes you can choose to play them at double speed, while the icon for audio files changes to show a glimpse of the waves.

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