W3C Promotes Web Audio API to Official Standard

The W3C has made the Web Audio API an official standard as a JavaScript API for creating and manipulating audio content directly in web browsers.

The W3C summarizes the Web Audio API as “a JavaScript API for creating, shaping and manipulating sounds directly in a web browser. It is already widely deployed for creating music and sound effects on web pages, for creating online musical instruments, for web games, and for collaborative artwork such as sound installations.

The Web Audio API focuses on creating and manipulating audio rather than just playing audio. The Web Audio API was also designed to support multi-user collaborative environments.

Web Audio API supports modular routing, high dynamic range, support for filters and various effects, support for audio sources from audio and video asset tags, embedding WebRTC, spatialized audio support, a convolution engine, and other features.

in today announcement Web Audio API achieving W3C Recommendation status as an official standard, they also confirmed that Web Audio API v2 is already in the works. The Web Audio API specification is available at W3.org.

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