Walmart employee doesn’t hold back by quitting on store speaker



When it comes to employee resignations, a Walmart employee’s decision to quit over the store speaker is certainly one of the craziest we’ve seen.

Beth McGrath, of Louisiana, posted a video on her Facebook profile on Tuesday, in which she can be seen in her black uniform, taking a deep breath before speaking to everyone in the store through the public address system.

“Watch out for Walmart buyers and associates, my name is Beth in electronics. I have worked at Walmart for almost five years and can tell everyone here is overworked and underpaid.

“We are treated poorly by management and customers every day. Whenever we have a problem with this, we are told that we are replaceable.

“I’m tired of the constant gas lighting. This company treats its elderly associates like crap, ”she said.

Ms Mcgrath was not done there either, as she then turned her attention to the store’s management team, calling one a “pervert” and criticizing two others for their behavior towards her coworkers.

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“Shame on you for treating your associates the way you do. I hope you don’t talk to your families like you talk to us.

After listing the names of her colleagues and expressing her support for them, she added, “Walmart doesn’t deserve all of you.”

“F ** k management, and f ** k this job, I quit,” she concluded.

Ms. Mcgrath has received tremendous support, with the post garnering over 150,000 views and 3,700 comments at the time of writing.

“You are my hero,” we read.

Another user commented: “Hell yeah girl you tell them! Life is too short to work with ** holes.

“My f’n hero. Call me if you ever need a job in [North Carolina], but for now, enjoy that freedom, ”said a third.

When the video was shared on Twitter, people praised it as well:

A day later, the former employee shared a follow-up video in which she said she was “so grateful” for the support and donations she received.

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me and I’m just at a loss for words.

“I didn’t record the video for the weight. I recorded the video for my coworkers to let them know that I love them and want the best for them.

“I wanted to be their voice. I wanted to be my voice, ”McGrath said.

Completing the video and holding back tears, she said her advice would be “don’t be afraid to talk about your article, even if it tears you up first.”

This isn’t the first time a Walmart employee has quit over the public address system, as a video of a worker in Texas doing the same went viral in November.

Indy100 has contacted Walmart for comment.


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