Was your car stolen? This is what you have to do!

Can you imagine it? You go out one day to see your car and oh surprise !: No! For those who have been through this it has been a bleak experience. And it is that a car is a good that is acquired with effort. This is worse when they take it out through a vehicle loan and have to continue paying the debt even if they no longer have the vehicle. Paying a debt when you don’t have the good can be avoided if you have insurance. In this note I show you what to do if your car is stolen .

Report the theft

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You don’t feel to cry for the lost! It’s time to take quick action so go to the police to report the theft of your car . According to a report from the Ministry of Interior, in the first months of 2018 they have been able to recover more than 1260 stolen cars, so you have more chances to recover yours if there is a complaint in time of the fact.

The Sunarp will allow you to record the theft record. This is important because whoever is going to buy your stolen car can find out what is a property acquired through theft and decline the purchase or report the seller. Don’t forget to eliminate the theft annotation if you managed to recover your car!

Stay alert for recovered cars. As I told you in point 1, the police have managed to recover many vehicles in record time. Sometimes because time has passed, or because the data of the owners are not updated, they fail to communicate with the owners. Therefore, I advise you to always be alert of the cars recovered by the PNP. I leave here the list where you can see those who have already been rescued from the hands of thieves.

Tips to prevent being robbed

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Nobody wants the savings invested in a car to go to market. That is why I advise you to avoid parking theft in dangerous areas. Public roads are NOT the best place to park a car for a long time, so it’s best to leave them in garages or secure parking places.

These are the steps you have to follow if your car was stolen. To prevent your finances shaking from the theft of your vehicle it is always better to take out vehicle insurance . A vehicle insurance is an investment that must leave your personal budget and that will allow you to be calm if the car theft should happen to you. There are even insurances that you return a car with the same characteristics of the stolen. Have you already bought your vehicle insurance? Which one do you recommend?


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