‘Yashoda’ in Audio, a Web Series to Reflect His Inspirational Journey and Stories

Panaji, May 22 (IANS): The trials and tribulations of Yashoda Devi, a small town woman from West Champaran district in Bihar, and her thought provoking stories, are all set to be released in audio and web series soon to tell the world about her harrowing journey, her powerful encounters and sources of inspiration. tales.

This was announced during the two-day Global International Four Fox Achiever Awards (GIFFAA) 2022 earlier this week here.

The book, “Yashoda: The Real Story of a ‘Swayamprabha Woman'”, was launched in late 2021.

“We plan to release the encouraging stories of Yashoda Devi via an audio version and a web series very soon. Now, the fruitful struggles of the protagonist will go from the book to new-age media,” said Mahir Karjkar, Founder of Four Fox Production, during GIFFAA 2022.

“Yashoda wanted women at all levels, including at the top, to reshape the conversation and ensure women’s voices are heard and counted, not overlooked and ignored,” observed artist and activist Dr. Babita Biswas.

The author of the book, Manoj Kumar Rao, was awarded Best Author of 2022 by GIIFFA.

Speaking to IANS, Rao said, “It gives me great pride that the stories of Yashoda Devi are told through audio and web series, which will be a new experience for society, especially women. My inaugural book is an account of an independent woman whose life journey has defined women’s empowerment and promoted women’s self-esteem, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and for others five decades ago.

The journalist-turned-author said digital tools for storytelling would help women harness power for themselves.

“Yashoda’s hardships were her way of life to fight against widespread social, economic and political barriers, and successfully pursue her dreams in a patriarchal society and encourage women to go beyond their role as housekeepers,” added Rao.

Earlier this year, former Miss India Shivani Jadhav unveiled the book, Yashoda, and congratulated its author with the “Author of the Year 2021” award.

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